RapidLaunch: Swift IRT Setup for Urgent COVID-19 Clinical Trials

The COVID-19 pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space. While some study timelines have been delayed until further notice, we’ve also seen trial sponsors ramping up quicker than ever to study therapeutic measures to combat the virus at hand. 

As a result we’ve developed RapidLaunch, a streamlined IRT setup process based on best practices cultivated from our experiences with over 500 clinical trial deployments. RapidLaunch addresses critical study needs of supply, randomization and dispensation with speed and precision while retaining our platform’s robust functionality (such as predictive resupply and ad hoc report building). 

Most importantly, COVID-19 study sponsors gain the edge of being ready to ship drug and begin enrolling subjects in as little as four weeks:


Working with clients over the past several weeks to launch COVID-19 trials swiftly using our RapidLaunch methodology, we understand how to quickly adapt IRT builds to elements of protocol design that are critical to safe and accurate COVID-19 trials.

“In response to COVID-19, we have leveraged years of clinical trial experience across various therapeutic areas in IRT implementation and service delivery to speed up trial launches with the same quality and technology our customers have come to expect.”

John Ristuccia, SVP, Global Client Services, Suvoda

In combining our modular approach to IRT development with recent experiences with COVID-19 trial startups, Suvoda’s RapidLaunch allows you to experience quick timelines without sacrificing robust functionality.

With Suvoda’s RapidLaunch you can:

  • Manage subject randomization, drug dispensation/replacement and unblinding
  • Oversee drug supply strategy: manage distribution networks, lot release, expiry dates and automated resupply algorithms
  • Maintain users, roles, and site permissions
  • Customize notifications and alerts to monitor trial progress
  • Analyze performance with our report dashboard and custom report builder
  • Integrate IRT seamlessly with your distribution partner

How RapidLaunch Works

Once we confirm your study is a good fit for our RapidLaunch offering, our services team will collaborate with you to complete a requirements checklist. This reduces the amount of time your team needs to spend on system design while allowing us to build your IRT system to precision.

With an all-hands-on-deck approach, our team and yours will engage fully in the process to ensure your IRT system is ready for all critical milestones leading up to and including your FPI date. 

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