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What are Decentralized Clinical Trials and Why are They Here to Stay

September 8, 2021

What are Decentralized Clinical Trials and Why are They Here to Stay

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Given the massive disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most significant changes recently observed in the clinical trials landscape is the acceleration of the adoption of decentralized trial designs and in particular Direct to Patient shipping models. It’s taken a slow, long-term industry trend and accelerated it rapidly.

Experienced panelists working in the clinical trials world will share their insights and experiences with decentralized trials and the leverage of digital solutions that are allowing to adopt a patient-centric focus when creating and running clinical trials.

Topics that will be covered includes:

  • What are decentralized clinical trials?
  • What does the decentralized trials global landscape look like?
  • What is a Direct to Patient (DtP) trial?
  • How has COVID been an inflection point for DtP trials?
  • How have trial designs shifted and supply chain strategies changed to accommodate for an increased need for flexibility and decentralization?
  • What are some of the barriers clinical trials stakeholders are experiencing to implement these kinds of trials? Any difference between regions? 
  • Are decentralized trials the future of clinical trials designs going forward?


Andrea Zobel

Dr. Andrea Zobel 
Senior Director Personalized Supply Chain, World Courier 

With a wealth of expertise and experience gained across academia, pharmaceutical services and clinical trials logistics, Andrea has served in a number of senior leadership roles in research and development, clinical trial supply chain as well as product and project management. Andrea held various roles and contributed significantly to the development of Parexel clinical trial supply services and the clinical trial supplies and logistics business globally. Currently Andrea leads the Cell and Gene Therapy and Direct-to-Patient service lines at World Courier, with a focus on defining strategy, driving growth and solving operational and process challenges which arise from the complexity of these shipments. 


Henk Dieteren 
Clinical Supply Chain Solutions Consultant, Suvoda

Henk currently assists Suvoda with his knowledge in various areas of clinical trial supply management. Prior to Suvoda, he co-founded the clinical trial supplies department at Grünenthal GmbH and served as its Associate Director for 10 years. While at Grünenthal, he developed operational processes and championed risk management procedures to establish the company as a clear market leader in the area of clinical supply chain. More recently, he served as Senior Investigational Medicinal Product Manager at BioNTech SE, where he streamlined data processing operations in the clinical supply chain for personalized oncology therapies. He is an innovative expert in the field of IRT, temperature excursion management, and direct-to-patient logistics.

Aneta W

Aneta Woroniecka-Osio, MD
Clinical Project Manager / DCT Leadership, Bayer

A Physician by training specialized in planning, coordinating and managing global clinical trials. Aneta has been working and held various roles in the Pharmaceutical Research and Development division at Bayer over the past 13 years. Currently she is leading the Decentralized Strategy and Implementation within Bayer and is in charge of the internal process adaptations and managing advancing acceptance of Decentralized Clinical Trials across countries.

Aline Noizet

Aline Noizet (Moderator)
Chief International Officer, Barcelona Health Hub
Aline is a digital health connector with strong international experience working with startups and helping them scale up. Aside from working on her own projects with different clients, Aline currently serves as Chief International Officer of Barcelona Health Hub. Previously she was the program manager for Bayer G4A (Grants4Apps) Accelerator programs in Barcelona, United States and Berlin, served as Business Development Director Europe for Health 2.0 and was a partner of eHealth Hub, an EU project, supporting digital health SMEs. She co-founded Digital Health Innovators Barcelona, a local community bringing together the actors of the digital health ecosystem and she has been collaborating with institutions like Frontiers Health, GIANT, SXSW, Medica and Vision Health Pioneers. She is also a mentor and  advisor to several digital health companies.

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September 8, 2021
6pm CET / 12pm EDT (NA)

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