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It's Time to Expect More From Your IRT

IRT/IWRS Rapid Deployment & Continuous Enhancement

Rapid IRT Deployment &
Continuous Enhancement

  • Rapid configuration using a proprietary modular architecture
  • Reusable feature library
  • Continuous customer-centric product enhancement
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The Suvoda IRT/IWRS system is architected for rapid deployment, design flexibility, and continuous enhancement. A modular system architecture enables the services team to select modules from a central library, configure them for a specific study, and create new modules to meet unique study-specific needs. These new modules are then assessed, validated, and included in iterative releases of the central feature library for re-use in future studies. This is done using a proprietary process that marries the software engineering method of “continuous deployment” with the requirements for regulatory compliance. The result? Rapid innovation without sacrificing quality or compliance.


Trial Intelligence

  • Gain insight into trial performance using KPIs, metrics, and trends
  • Visualize data and trends within and across trials
  • View current and historical performance
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Suvoda Trial Intelligence provides you with insight into your clinical trial performance. Key data points, KPIs, and trends across multiple trials are presented in a unified interface, letting you make informed decisions to effectively manage a single study or an entire clinical program.


Unparalleled Control
& Powerful Reporting

  • Manage every aspect of your trial using our comprehensive set of features
  • Handle day-to-day operations and unexpected events with ease
  • Build your own reports with our easy-to-use report builder or use our standard reports to look within, and across, trials
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The functionality in the Suvoda IRT/IWRS system empowers you to tame the complexity and unpredictability of a clinical trial. At Suvoda, our products allow you to expect the unexpected.

This rich functionality is complemented by powerful reporting capabilities. In addition to pre-configured reports, the easy-to-use report builder gives you access to the information you need, the moment you need it. After all, it’s our system, but it's your data.

Smart User Interface

  • An interface designed to draw your attention to the areas that matter most
  • Functionality, reports, and data are unified in a manner to make the user experience easy and efficient

Interoperability and Integration

  • Designed for integration and interoperability with other systems through standard APIs
  • Integration modules connect Suvoda APIs to legacy systems
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We believe that specialization created by a singular focus doesn’t have to come at the price of interoperability. Using the latest in web technologies and interoperability standards, Suvoda IRT is designed to be a best-of-breed system that plays well with others.

"Working with our previous IRT vendor on our last clinical trial was a real challenge. My team and I have spoken on multiple occasions about how simply switching to Suvoda on our most recent study completely changed our approach and experience in managing the trial."
- Barbara Zaugg, Manager of Clinical Operations at Onyx Pharmaceuticals 

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