Direct-to-Patient Shipping

Decentralization of clinical trial supply chains in IRT increases patient retention, minimizes site visits, and reduces product loss

Build patient centricity into your clinical trial supply chain

Making it possible to receive treatments at home—self-administered or with the help of a caregiver or a visiting healthcare provider—is a keystone in patient-centric models.

Such decentralized and hybrid trials are a powerful means of expanding access to vulnerable patients wherever they are located and whatever their socio-economic status. A more diverse and inclusive clinical trial population helps in understanding how novel threrapies affect all future patients, by providing insights into efficacy and safety signals that would otherwise remain hidden.

That’s the goal of the Suvoda IRT Direct-to-Patient Shipping module. Whether you’re implementing a 100% decentralized trial or a hybrid of in-site and at-home modes, it integrates with best-of-breed eClinical and depot management platforms to offer a seamless experience in managing patient and drug logistics—while also creating significant time and cost savings.

Adhere to country-specific policies set forth by regulatory agencies

Direct-to-Patient Shipping is a relatively new complexity in the world of clinical trials. Our Client Services teams are ready to assist your study team in identifying the IRT configuration needed based on evolving local, regional, and national regulations, all while supporting your trial’s unique protocols and ensuring adherence with GCP and GMP.

Most importantly, the Suvoda IRT Direct-to-Patient Shipping module is designed to enable patient privacy and protect study blind in scenarios specific to decentralized trial supply chain models, for instance, as a result of shipment cancellations or ad-hoc shipment requests.


Increased convenience for patients—and site teams

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