Standards & Metrics

For complex IRT, eConsent, and eCOA systems in life-sustaining trials, rigorous processes enable artful execution

Clinical trial protocols change. Issues emerge. But clear processes keep us all in control and able to easily navigate through the unknown.

At Suvoda, we believe that rigorously-defined and clearly-communicated operating processes free our team members, customers, and partners to perform at their best and achieve greater success. When people know what’s expected of them, they more fluidly, effectively, and confidently apply their skills, experience, and judgment when surprises strike. In short, they’re more able to trial wisely.

They’ve been fantastic in providing risk management analyses and innovative ways of doing things. They’re really passing on their knowledge to us, helping us put processes in place to ensure our trials flow better.”
Clinical Data Manager
Key Performance Indicators

When you design clinical trial technology for quality, you deliver with quality. We believe it. And we’re proud to say our stats prove we live it.

The standards we set for ourselves and our partners—and the processes we’ve built to meet them—are why we can repeatedly and consistently incorporate complex requirements and plan for change. And we do it all while hitting some of the industry’s fastest timelines and lowest error rates.


Clinical trial systems are only as good as the standards on which they're built

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