Systems Integration

Seamless connection between our IRT software and your other eClinical tools creates study—and stakeholder—cohesion

Providing order within your evolving eClinical ecosystem

The complexity of patient-centric trials in areas like oncology, CNS, and rare disease isn’t just the result of their unique protocols. It also stems from the increasing numbers of technology systems that are critical to efficient operations and logistics in support of a more streamlined patient journey.

Implementations of our IRT, eConsent, and eCOA software incorporate, on average, two integrations per trial, most commonly with depot and EDC systems. But the Suvoda Integration Team has successfully taken on as many as nine in a single study. These reach across the full spectrum of study activities, from patient engagement, to supply management, to trial oversight. Because getting the right data to the right place at the right time is just one more way we help your stakeholders trial wisely.

Patient engagement

  • Recruitment
  • Medication compliance
  • eCOA

Supply management

  • Depot
  • Lab
  • Temperature management
  • Supply forecasting

Trial oversight

  • EDC
  • CTMS
  • Data warehouse

Data management that supports your unique clinical trial protocols

Our Integration Team experts work hand-in-hand with the Suvoda Project Team dedicated to your trial to enable both standardized and non-standardized integrations to align with the specific functionality of your Suvoda eConsent, IRT, and eCOA software as well as with good clinical and distribution practices (GCP and GDP).

While almost all depot vendor integrations and many other high-demand integrations have been standardized into modules by our Product Team, our implementations, just like our software, allow for configuration to meet the needs of a particular trial. Data transfers can be customized to occur at regular intervals—from minutes to months—and the data points, file format, and method can also be tailored for the greatest usability across your eClinical ecosystem. Further, more than 30% of our builds incorporate two-way integrations, such as tracking shipment status data in our IRT system using courier info and tracking numbers or using lab values from lab or EDC software to adjust dosage or stratify subjects for randomization.


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