IRT Buyer’s Guide: Helping companies make the best IRT decision to fit their clinical trial needs

irt-buyers-guide-coverThere are countless decisions to make when designing and running a clinical trial – from protocol design to country and site selection, staffing, and budget. Selecting the right tools is key to helping you and your team feel more confident and in control. This guide provides a framework of questions to ask as you undertake vendor selection, and will help you choose an IRT (Interactive Response Technology) vendor that best suits your needs.

CROs, sites, and sponsors should download the eBook to learn:

  • What IRT is and how it will serve your unique trial needs
  • How choosing the right vendor benefits trials by helping to meet timelines and budgets
  • Technical and operational considerations in selecting an IRT vendor, along with intangible factors 
  • Key RFP questions to ask during a vendor assessment 

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