Suvoda Announces Free-Picking for JIT Clinical Trial Distribution

Suvoda President and CEO Jagath Wanninayake to be a featured speaker at DPHARM to discuss Innovation Without Disruption. 

PHILADELPHIA (September 13, 2022) — Suvoda LLC, a global clinical trial technology company that specializes in complex studies in therapeutic areas such as oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and rare disease, today announced its new free-picking capabilities included in its latest Interactive Response System (IRT) release, used for patient randomization and supply chain management, at the 12th Annual DPHARM Disruptive Innovations Conference in Boston. 

The level of clinical trial complexity today is putting an increased strain on the drug and biologics supply chain. Suvoda’s latest free-picking functionality in its IRT system allows sponsors more flexibility in how they manage their supply-side packaging, labeling, and distribution operations, empowering them to effectively and safely begin their journey to a Just-in-Time (JIT) paradigm. 

“Supply chain logistics continue to comprise the majority of clinical trial supply chain budgets, making it crucial to prioritize the development of flexible software solutions that enable sponsors to maximize manufacturing and distribution efficiencies,” said Lisa Li, director of IRT product management at Suvoda. “With free-picking capabilities as a choice when using Suvoda IRT, sponsors are free to implement the right strategy for each trial based on their unique requirements and protocols.” 

 With free picking, sponsors can have more choices and flexibility in how they fulfill clinical supplies demand. Instead of being constrained by an IRT request for specific drug units for a shipment, with free-picking, the shipment request can contain a set of parameters such as  quantity, drug type, and a minimum expiration date without dictating the exact units that need to go into a shipment request. Free-picking enhances Suvoda’s IRT offering to support drug supply strategies like flexible shipment fulfillment and bright stock pooling with JIT labeling. This enables sponsors to reduce waste and optimize labeling and destruction costs, especially in trials that include biologics.  

“Suvoda has a history of creating flexible solutions that combine innovative technologies and offerings with pragmatic approaches to adoption, to drive efficiency in life-sustaining studies,” said Jagath Wanninayake, president and CEO of Suvoda. “The launch of our free-picking functionality is another example of curating choices for customers that enable them to innovate when and how they are ready so that they can start moving towards new paradigms of efficiency while serving the urgent and critical needs of patients in today’s clinical trials.” 

Jagath Wanninayke will be a featured speaker on September 14, 2022, where he will participate in a fireside chat for Today Show @DPharm. His discussion, “Innovation Without Disruption: The Practical Path to Patient-Centric, Accessible Clinical Trials” will highlight how sponsors and CROs can adopt innovation to effect positive change for clinical trials in an inclusive manner while minimizing disruption. 



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Suvoda is a global clinical trial technology company that specializes in complex, life-sustaining studies in therapeutic areas like oncology, central nervous system (CNS), and rare disease. Founded in 2013 by experts in eClinical technologies, Suvoda empowers clinical trial professionals to manage the most urgent moments in the most urgent trials through advanced software solutions delivered on a single platform. Headquartered outside Philadelphia, Suvoda also maintains offices in Portland, OR, Barcelona, Spain, Bucharest, Romania and Tokyo, Japan. The company consistently boasts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of close to 70, far exceeding the technology industry average of 50, and has been selected by trial sponsors and CROs to support more than 1,000 trials across 65 countries. To learn more, visit Follow Suvoda onTwitter and LinkedIn

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