Grünenthal automates the IRT receipt process for temperature monitored shipments

How Grünenthal leveraged Suvoda IRT to turn a long and costly manual process into a same-day, automated solution

Innovating the Supply Chain

How IRT Automation Dramatically Improved Grünenthal's Temperature-Monitored Trials
In the clinical supply chain, accurately tracking and recording temperature-sensitive drug shipments demands accuracy and precision, as temperature excursions can put patient safety at risk. Grünenthal aimed to reduce those risks by providing better visibility into temperature-controlled shipments.


What you will learn

  • How Suvoda's IRT system turned Grünenthal’s 29 day excursion data evaluation into a same-day automated process
  • The intricacies of an automated receipt process within the supply chain
  • How best-in-class vendors - Suvoda, Catalent, and Berlinger, - partnered to enable a seamless multi-system integration