Managing early phase oncology trials and supply for efficiency

Learn from supply chain experts how IRT helps them streamline increasingly complex workflows

webinar-managing-early-phase-oncology-trials-2021Early phase oncology supply can present a number of complexities. What are some ways that sponsors can reduce complexity and manage these challenges? How can they optimize their supply chain and maintain flexibility in trials for such pivotal early phase studies?

In this panel discussion, Bryan O'Neill, Daiichi-Sankyo, and Kim Davis, Corcept Therapeutics discuss how they are able to manage through a number of difficult scenarios in small sample size trials with cutting-edge clinical software.

What You Will Learn

  • How dynamic technology and automation in interactive response technologies (IRT) can streamline operations
  • Mid-study changes and adaptations to keep trials running smoothly
  • Re-enrollment, roll-over and other strategies to ensure effective patient logistics
  • Manufacturing-on-demand and other supply chain solutions to maximize resource utilization