IRT: Why it’s critical to today’s clinical trials and how to select the right one for you

Suvoda Live Series

More elaborate clinical trial designs, a rise in decentralization, and an increase in global studies are a few of the reasons clinical trials are continuing to grow more complex. Advances in Interactive Response Technology (IRT) have accelerated to stay ahead of these trends to ensure study professionals worldwide are able to keep their trials on track.  

In a three-part LinkedIn Live series, Suvoda experts will share valuable information to help you reduce your trials’ operational complexity with today’s IRT. Whether you’re considering an IRT solution for the first time, or you’re an experienced IRT user, there is something for everyone.

These bite-sized episodes will give you insight into common IRT challenges, functionalities, and when to consider using IRT. You’ll learn to gain better oversight of your trial, and what to look for when selecting an IRT vendor.


EPISODE 1: When to consider an IRT system for your clinical trial

IRT systems have evolved to meet the needs of today's trials that have become more complex than some years ago. In this episode you will learn how today’s IRT gives you control over logistics and when using IRT makes sense. 
Aired September 20 - 11am EST / 5pm CET

EPISODE 2: How to gain trial supply oversight with IRT

The features of a comprehensive IRT help you control the many aspects of drug and patient logistics. In this episode, you’ll discover more advanced functionalities designed to meet the ever-changing demands of your trial in order to give you accurate visibility and control over your supply chain.
Aired October 13 - 11am EST / 5pm CET

EPISODE 3: What to look for when selecting an IRT vendor

Choosing the right IRT for your trial can be time-consuming. This episode will cover some IRT system details and questions to consider to help you select a system that is flexible and meets the needs of your study.
Aired November 10 - 11am EST / 5pm CET