Case Study: Cara Therapeutics achieves increased compliance with Suvoda eCOA

Improving patient questionnaire compliance in multi-country, multi-site trials

Achieving high levels of patient compliance with eCOA while ensuring timely drug supply is critical for the success of clinical trials. This is especially true when the trials span multiple countries and require different localization options.  

Having experienced delays with previous eCOA implementations, Cara Therapeutics turned to Suvoda eCOA in hopes of enhancing patient eCOA compliance while also reducing the burden on study teams in their Phase Ib & Phase II/III chronic studies across 10 countries. They needed a solution that could streamline operations and localization processes, improve data visibility, and ensure timely study progression.  

Learn how Cara Therapeutics utilized Suvoda eCOA and IRT to: 

  • Improve patient eCOA compliance 
  • Streamline study operations and reduce administrative burden on study teams 
  • Enhance data visibility, enabling proactive trial management and decision-making 
  • Simplify eCOA complexities with streamlined questionnaire localization and licensing 


Suvoda worked with us as a single project team, which meant better communication as everything was done with the same goal in mind. Together, we could implement complex IRT and eCOA designs quickly and accurately to achieve great results.” 

Catherine Munera, Vice President, Biometrics Cara Therapeutics, Inc.