Automating the IRT Receipt Process for Temperature-Monitored Shipments

How Grunenthal leveraged Suvoda IRT to turn a long and costly manual process into a same-day, automated solution

How IRT Automation Dramatically Improved Grünenthal's Temperature-Monitored Trials
Poorly managed temperature excursions can be detrimental to the success of a clinical trial. In the supply-chain, managing the process for high-value, high-cost temperature-sensitive products is extremely intricate and time-consuming.

Watch this webinar to learn how IRT, while enabling a real-time, multi-system integration, can automate this critical aspect of a clinical trial.

What You Will Learn

  • The intricacies of an automated receipt process within the supply chain
  • How to overcome challenges faced in a multi-system integration
  • How Suvoda's IRT system turned Grünenthal’s 29 day excursion data evaluation into a same-day automated process
  • Why this process will have an impact on the future of drug development

Published December 2018