On-Demand: Precision Technologies for Oncology Clinical Trials: Streamlining Patients’, Sites’ and Sponsors’ Trial Experience



Oncology clinical trials today are highly complex. They often have a large number of endpoints, long trial duration, and difficulty recruiting patients, coupled with the inherently unpredictable nature of cancer and its progression.  Precise, practical, and flexible clinicial trial technology can help manage these complex oncology trial challenges. 

Gain expert insights from Suvoda’s clinical trial technology Senior Solutions Consultant, Daniela Duffett. She dicusses leveraging an eClinical system to meet the challenges and mitigate uncertainties in oncology trials. 

In this on-demand webinar, dive in on: 

  • The unique operational challenges posed by uncertainties in oncology clinical trials 
  • How eConsent, IRT, and eCOA can enhance clinical trial operational efficiency and minimize stress on clinical teams 
  • Real-world, case study examples of flexible IRT functionalities to successfully streamline complex trial designs 
  • The future landscape of cancer treatment innovations and their implications on clinical trial technology and operations 

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