Temperature Excursion Management

With Suvoda IRT, study and site teams can manage the status of temperature-sensitive medicines to decrease processing times and reduce error. We offer automated solutions that enable users to easily track the status of drugs during shipment and at sites.


Customize Excursion Criteria

Minimum/maximum temperature thresholds

Time limits and windows for excursion events

Flexibility to create/update criteria at any time


Streamline Excursion Review

Register temperature data to drug IDs

Automate the status update (e.g. ‘quarantined’) of drug units in real time



Alert study and site teams automatically of excursions

Generate blinded and unblinded reports

Levels of Temperature Excursion Management

There are multiple ways to manage temperature excursions within Suvoda’s IRT:


Automate Cold Chain Supply from Depot to Site

Suvoda’s IRT is built for easy integration with temperature data loggers, temperature monitoring software, and depot distribution solutions to provide a seamless temperature management workflow.


Learn how a 29-day manual
process became an automated
same-day solution.

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