Hindsight 2020: Evaluating Decentralization and Supply Chain Trends

In 2020, we met with panelists at Top 25 Pharma companies, Biogen and GSK, and vendors, PCI Clinical Services and Suvoda, to discuss how adaptations in the clinical supply chain would shape the way clinical operations will function in the future.

In 2021, our panelists reflected on a year’s experience navigating the effects of the pandemic to explore best ways to implement emergent trial designs and trends in supply chain strategy. They spoke about what clinical operations trends will remain or arise as our society moves beyond the impact of COVID-19.

What You Will Learn

  • How trial designs have shifted and supply chain strategies changed to accommodate for an increased need for flexibility and decentralization
  • What evolutions in the clinical supply chain over the past year have become more permanent
  • Lessons learned to increase efficiencies in the supply chain and in managing elements of decentralized trials
  • How decentralized models have evolved from regulatory, operational logistics, distribution, and vendor collaboration standpoints

Published June 2021