The Future of Managing Cold Chain Supply in Clinical Trials

Learn how sponsors incorporated digital temperature management into their trials.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact trials, a shift in temperature management processes is accelerating. Sponsors are fostering new approaches that significantly benefit patient safety, audit readiness, and reduce drug wastage. For some, decreasing paper and manual processes at sites has resulted in quicker process times. Other supply teams are easing into temperature management automation in shipments with the help of digital loggers.

The continuing decentralization of trials also has sponsors looking to integrate temperature management in shipments directly to patients. Either way, drug supply managers are learning from early adoption in the temperature space to better organize coming clinical studies around an increasingly digital cold chain.

What You Will Learn

  • How drug supply managers have incorporated temperature management functionalities into their workflow
  • How sponsors can plan for future trials to integrate meaningful automated and digital solutions
  • Challenges and opportunities with temperature excursion management and direct-to-patient studies

Published November 2020