Temperature Excursion Management

Automated monitoring of temperature-sensitive drugs in IRT drives productivity, decreases errors, and increases safety

Automate your cold supply chain from depot to site

Given the nature of the novel therapeutics being developed in areas like oncology, central nervous system, and rare disease, it’s no surprise that shipping high-value, high-cost, temperature-sensitive medicines has become commonplace in our clients’ clinical trials.

That’s the focus of the Suvoda IRT Temperature Excursion Management module. It’s built for easy integration with temperature data loggers, temperature monitoring software, and depot distribution solutions. So you can provide your study and site teams with a seamless temperature management workflow.

Choose the right level of management for your trial

Looking just to increase workflow efficiency and site productivity? Or to decrease the risks of manual entry errors? Or to mitigate safety and efficacy concerns? Or do you need to achieve all of the above?

We know that when it comes to IRT solutions in complex clinical trials, one size never fits all. Depending on your needs, we’ll tailor our Temperature Excursion Management functionality to give you a custom fit.

They’ve been fantastic in providing risk management analyses and innovative ways of doing things. They’re really passing on their knowledge to us, helping us put processes in place to ensure our trials flow better.”
Clinical Data Manager

From a 29-day process to a same-day solution

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