Sponsor Checklist: deciding between purpose-built IRT or EDC with IRT add-on

10 questions to help identify an IRT solution

As the complexity of clinical trials continues to grow, selecting the right technology to effectively manage complex dosing scenarios, supply chain logistics, flexible visit schedules and complex randomization schemes becomes an increasingly crucial decision. Interactive Response Technology (IRT) is built to help sponsors, CROs, and study teams effectively manage randomization and drug supply. While both purpose-built IRT solutions and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems with add-on IRT functionality can provide basic randomization and supply management, purpose-built IRT systems have many sophisticated functionalities to meet the challenges of today’s trials.   

This 10-question checklist covers essential study characteristics—study design, trial operations, randomization needs, patient & treatment management, and logistical needs—to assess when a purpose-built IRT can best manage trial complexity.