IRT for Oncology Trials

Built for Complex Oncology Trials

When it comes to oncology studies, you need flexibility. Our IRT gives your clinical teams and sites dynamic control of a number of important functions for your studies.

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    Dynamic Visit Scheduling and Cycle Expansion

    Avoid interruptions by changing visit schedule windows. Automate cycle expansion to keep studies going.

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    Advanced Cohort Management

    Add and subtract cohorts mid-study without interruptions. Balance open cohort enrollment to keep stride with shifting numbers.

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    Dose & Dispensation Management

    Change dosage for treatment arms throughout the study. Add or modify dose and dispensation configurations as you go.

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    Comparator & Adjuvant Therapy

    Coordinate sourcing for multiple comparator therapies across sites and countries. Automate randomization to adjuvant arms with criteria from protocols.

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    Disease Type Management for Basket Studies

    Reduce study complexities and uncertainty with our IRT’s design to help users automate cohort adjustments in real-time. Funnel disease states and tumor types in and out of cohorts using Bayesian futility analysis.

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