Suvoda IRT with Trial Intelligence Delivers Speed, Agility, & Insight for Your Complex Clinical Trials

Suvoda’s advanced functionality helps you dynamically handle the supply and demand constraints in your clinical trial, allowing you to expect the unexpected and manage the unknowns – with ease.


We give you the flexibility of a custom-built solution with the speed of a configurable system, so that you can start enrolling subjects on-time, every time.


Our advanced functionality dynamically manages your supply chain while giving you the agility to handle the inevitable mid-study bottlenecks.


From our ad-hoc report builder to our Trial Intelligence module, we offer ways to turn your data into insights, within an individual study or across an entire clinical program.

Suvoda IRT with Trial Intelligence offers the flexibility of a customized solution with the speed of a configurable system, along with industry leading supply management functionality and reporting; all designed to give you peace of mind in managing your complex clinical trials.

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Featured Functionality: Oncology-Specific Modules

Dynamic Visit Schedules & Cycle Expansion

Our dynamic visit expansion module handles cycle expansion and variable visit schedules automatically, so that your Oncology studies can run without interruption.

Dose & Dispensation Management for Early Phase Studies

Now you can start your study with minimal information  – and you can add and change dose and dispensation information on-the-fly, giving you unparalleled flexibility for Oncology trials.

Disease Type Management for Basket Studies

We offer powerful functionality to manage disease and tumor types dynamically, letting you harness the full potential of Basket Studies in your Oncology programs.

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