Evolve your clinical trials with

Direct-to-Patient shipping

Our field-tested IRT functionality allows you to strengthen patient
engagement and navigate study complexity with ease.


Multi-therapeutic Experience

Well-versed in offering direct-to-patient
functionality across therapeutic areas


Fast, Flexible Builds

Best-of-breed functionality and integrations
that streamline drug and patient logistics


Highly Secure Controls

Robust supply chain management tools
that uphold blind and patient confidentiality

“Your vendors have to be enthusiastic about this. They have to be willing to think outside the box, but also maintain the fundamentals, in order to make this work to help the patients. Because ultimately that’s what we’re really trying to do, improve the lives of patients.”

— Lisa Killi, Director of Clinical Supplies Management, Bellerophon

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Our Direct-to-Patient functionality allows you to:

Ship directly from depot-to-patient or site-to-patient

Reduce site and patient burden by conducting hybrid model studies

Send manual or automatic shipments

Maintain blind for all applicable roles and patients

Track receipt of home delivery shipments at site level

Manage drug returns and accountability


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